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Rien Broere was born in 1953 in the Netherlands. From 1974 to 1982 he worked as a teacher and later on as the principal at a primary school.

In 1987 he published his first novel. Five years later he decided to give up his work as a teacher and made the choice to be a fulltime writer.

From then on Rien Broere started to write children's books as well. Most of them are ordered by educational publishers.


'Kwakbollen en kuitenbijters' is Rien Broere's latest book. A very funny book full of stories for children at the age of 5 - 8. It's a collection of 30 stories about two pirate gangs, living on a very small island, being busy hunting eachother.
The book is illustrated by Hiky Helmantel.

The book will be published in Germany by Rowohlt Verlag.
For more information about translations, please contact Nele Mathé (Nele@clavisbooks.com) from the Foreign Rights Team of Clavis.



Teacher & co, a series (age 9+) playing in and around a school about a remarkable teacher (Greet) and 5 of her pupils. Together they go through a lot of adventures, but whatever it takes them to solve the problems they're facing, there's always al lot to laugh.
Each book can be read separately. So far 4 of the 5 books have been published.

The books are illustrated by Marjolein Hund.

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In October the second part of Embarrass Street is published. It is titled: Icicle (in Dutch IJskonijn).
Riske Lemmens is the illustrator.

cover IJskonijn

Anna en Thijs are spoiled by their mother, but she ends up in the hospital. For the time being their father hires a housekeeper. She turns out to be very strict.
For Anna and Thijs life no longer is a piece of candy...



De Verlegenstraat

This year De Eenhoorn published Embarrass Street (In Dutch: De Verlegenstraat)
It's a book for children at the age of 9+. It's a story which is touching and humorous at the same time.
The illustrations are made by Riske Lemmens.

Themes: moving, loneliness, lying, making friends.

Amy and her parents have moved to another city. Amy tries very hard to become friends with the local children, but they aren't interested in her. Amy doesn't want her parents to know this and tells them stories about her new friends. Then her parents decide to throw a housewarming party for all her friends...

There is a translation in English of a chapter of the book available.

For more information please contact:

De Eenhoorn publishers
Mrs. Marita Vermeulen
Vlasstraat 17
B-8710 Wielsbeke

Tel. +32 56-60 54 60
Fax. +32 56-61 69 81

E-mail: rights@eenhoorn.be


Together with the Belgian illustrator Ann de Bode Rien Broere made a series of 10 Heart-to-heart books (in Dutch: 'Hartenboeken'). They consist of a series of picture books about important events that occur in the life of young children, in which emotional and social aspects play a major role.

The stories are written with humour and sensitivity.

By reading them (to) young children (they) learn to understand their feelings about sickness, death, violence, fear, loneliness and sorrow.

So far these books have been published in 11 languages in 17 countries.

The ten Heart-to-Heart Books have become a classic in the world of picture books. It is one of the most translated Dutch series. It proofs that these ten picture books about emotional events are very popular and needed in every setting where young children want to learn about their own feelings and those of others.

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November 2013the Haert-to-haert Books are also published in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Thailand. They are now sold by Cego publishers all over the world. Translated in 11 languages, published by 17 publishers in 22 countries.

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